How to: upload new processing activities in bulk

How To
  1. Go > Privacy Management > Record of processing activities.
  2. Click ‘Upload processing activities’.
  3. Click ‘Download template’.
  4. Ensure all required fields ‘*’ are filled-out correctly.
  5. Save the template in a xls, xlsx, csv format.
  6. Upload the file into RESPONSUM by clicking on browse file or dropping the file into the field.
  7. Click ‘Submit file’.
  8. The template will now be uploaded.
  9. RESPONSUM will check the existing items and update them if needed based on the import and add new processing activities that do not already exist.

Important note: Be sure to follow the instructions in the excel template regarding the formatting of the data in the Excel file. If the formatting is incorrect, the upload will most likely fail. If you are having issues with the formatting or the upload, please contact

Updated on March 17, 2022

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