How to: create a target of evaluation

How To

Defining a ‘target of evaluation’ before you perform an evaluation, will help to prevent scope creep.

  1. Go Privacy Management > Data Protection by Design
  2. Click ‘Add target of evaluation’.
  3. Provide a name by filling out the ‘Name’ field.
  4. Select the evaluations you want to do from the ‘Evaluations types’ list.
  5. Enter an Identifier into the ‘Identifier’ field.
  6. Provide a description of the scope in the ‘Description’ field.
  7. Provide a purpose description in the ‘Purpose Description’ field.
  8. Indicate the Status by selecting one from the ‘Status’ list.
  9. Enter the Involved processing activities from the ‘Processing Activities’ list.
  10. Ending contract with costumerCredit approvalDiary AppNew customerDiary for Clinical Trial Processing activity
  11. Upload all relevant documents by clicking on browse file or dropping the file into the field.
  12. Click ‘Save’.
Updated on March 18, 2021

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