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How to: assign accountability

RESPONSUM is an accountability platform, meaning that for each item (e.g. processing activity, DPIA, IM System,…) a single person is accountable and can provide final approval. The person who is accountable can be selected from a list of users who have accountability assigned for that (sub)module.

Assigning Accountability

  1. Click Configuration > Users.
  2. Select the applicable User (note: only power users can be accountable!)
  3. Click ‘Licenses’
  4. Add ‘Power’ by clicking on the “+” sign (skip this step is the User already has this license)
  5. Click on ‘Power User’
  6. Click on the applicable module in the Accountability tab
  7. Toggle the switch to assign the accountability for a certain aspect
  8. Click ‘Save&Exit’
  9. You have now assigned an accountability to a User!
Updated on March 29, 2022

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