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How to: use tags in a phishing scenario


Phishing simulations are more impactful when they are targeted towards your users. Therefore, RESPONSUM allows you to use customization tags. With these tags you can easily address your users by their first name or use the spoofed senders name. Next to that using tags in phishing scenarios help you to ensure the open, clicked and entered credentials are tracked well.

Available tags

The following variables are available in scenarios, training pages and landing pages:

{{.Tracker}}An alias for <img src=”{{.TrackingURL}}”/>
{{.TrackingURL}}The URL to the tracking handler
{{.FirstName}}The target’s first name
{{.LastName}}The target’s last name
{{.URL}}The phishing URL
{{.Email}}The target’s email address
{{.From}}The spoofed sender
Updated on March 17, 2022

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