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Getting started: How to add data subject types

To get the most out of RESPONSUM, setting up the data dictionary module is key! You are able to add your subject types one by one or in bulk.

Go to: Data Management > Data Dictionary > Data Subject Types

Add a single data subject type

  1. Click ‘+ add Data Subject Type’.
2. Click ‘Empty item’ to start from scratch2. Click ‘Start from a template’ to choose subject types from our template library.
3. Provide a name and description for your data subject type. These are required fields.3. Click ‘Select’ next to the data subject type you want to add. Make sure you fill in all the required fields.
4. Provide other information if necessary. 4. Change or add information to your data subject type.
5. Click ‘Save’.5. Click ‘Save’.

Add your data subject types in bulk

  1. Click ‘Upload DataSubjectType’ on the right-hand side of the page.
  1. Click ‘Download template’. The Excel file will be downloaded onto your computer.
  1. Complete the template. Make sure all the required fields (*) are filled in. Save the file.
  2. Upload the saved Excel file by browsing on your computer or by dropping the file in the destined place.
  3. Click ‘Submit file’.
Updated on April 13, 2023

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