How to: use the survey designer

The survey designer can be used to build custom assessments like a vendor assessment, DPIA,… Using the drag-and-drop toolbox you can create different types of questions, add survey logic and custom branding.

  1. Navigate to Assessment builder > Add Assessment.
  2. Click new assessment or start from template and fill out step one. Read How to: create a custom assessment for more info.
  3. Toggle to activate the Builder
  4.  Go to the Properties tab in the Survey Designer configuration form
  5. Fill out the Survey property fields

Survey property fields

TitleProvide a concise title of the survey
DescriptionProvide a description of the survey
Default LanguageSelect the default language of the survey
Edit or read onlyToggle to determine if the survey is editable by the submitter or read only.
Logo in survey titleDrop a picture in the survey and configure in Logo in survey title tab
NavigationDetermine how submitters will navigate the survey: preview, multiple pages, progress bar,…
QuestionDetermine the markup of the survey questions
PagesDetermine on how many pages you want to publish the survey
LogicCalculate valies, add triggers and expressions
DataDetermine how to handle new values, send between pages and store data
ValidationDetermine how to check errors
Show on completedDetermine the landing page after completion (url/html)
Timer/QuizSet maximum time to finish a question/survey

6. After configuration of the survey properties, questions can be created by using the tool-box. Drag and drop a question type in the form:

Type of Questions

Single inputSingle question entry for text, e-mail, date and so on
CheckboxMultiple choices question
RadiogroupOne choice question
DropdownOne choice question from list
CommentFree text question
RatingRating question
BooleanYes/No or True/False question
HtmlUse HTML to create the form fields and labels and accept user input
Expression (read only)Add and introduction or more information about a survey
Multiple testAsk multiple question enties

7. Configure a question by filling out the question properties:

Question property fields

TitleConcise title of the survey/question
DescriptionDescription of the question
Is visible?Toggle to determine whether this question is visible in a survey.
Is required?Toggle to require users to answer the question. Mandatory questions are denoted by a red field status indicator and must be answered before the survey can be submitted.
Read onlyToggle to make a question read only, denoted by a greyed out answer field.

8. After creating a set of questions in the survey designer, extra logic can be added in the ‘Survey Logic’ tab. Define actions and conditions.

9. In the ‘Test Survey’ tab, the survey can be validated.

9. After validation, translations can be added via the ‘Translation tab’. Export the set of questions. Translate the questions in the CSV template and import the new language.

10. If all All steps are completed, you can click ‘save’ to create a new assessment survey.

Updated on March 16, 2022

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