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Release Notes v 1.11.0


o  Alignment on how “Submissions” and different versions can be opened and the information that is shown.

o  When a review of an item in RESPONSUM is completed by the user accountable, the creator of the item receives a notification that the review was conducted and the feedback is available.

o  When you are on a certain page (Step) within a RESPONSUM item, it was often the case that when you try to edit you would revert back to the initial page (Ex. in DPIA).This is now resolved and the page you were on will be retained when switching between view mode and edit mode.

o  Every PDF export option in RESPONSUM now also has the ability to provide an ODT(Word) export that can be edited afterwards.



Continuous enrollments: Automatic course enrollments for Users with the employee role can now be enabled under “Enrollments”. Automatic enrollment to specific courses can be enabled for users part of a specific department or smart/static employee group. When new users are added to the department or group, they are automatically enrolled for a set of courses defined.

Privacy Management


New fields are added to the ROPA: You can now add a processing activity owner that is not a user within RESPONSUM and provide information about internal data recipients (Departments and offices)

More efficient ROPA functioning: The Records of processing activities has received a full functional overhaul to make it work even smoother than before. The same visual interface and functionalities have been retained, only made more efficient.

New flow to keep information between Processes and Processing activities aligned: A new flow is introduced that will automatically update a processing activity based on changes in a linked process. A review of the processing activity will be triggered. In case of changes to a processing activity linked to a process, a “Discrepancy check” is now available to point you to the differences between the processing activity and the process so that they can be corrected accordingly.

Intelligent ROPA import: When uploading processing activities in bulk, RESPONSUM will now check the existing items and update them if needed based on the import and add new processing activities that do not already exist.

Advices: New filter options on the overview (Status and Advice Requestor) and the ability to set a status on an advice are now available.

Legal Management – TIA: A full Transfer Impact Assessment(TIA) is now available under Privacy Management >> Legal Management. One or more checks can be performed for a processing activity and will allow you to document the risks present by the data transfer being assessed.



Users and Employees have become one: From now on, you have a complete overview of both RESPONSUM employees and Users in one central place. All trusted features from both Users and Employees stay available, only difference being that Employee is from now on a “Role” that can be appointed to a RESPONSUM User.

Updated on July 12, 2022

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