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Release notes V3.2.0

New features and enhancements

  • Guest access is available. Invite users with very specific access to RESPONSUM to provide input or review
  • Manual AD sync fixes and made fully available
  • You can now click to navigate from one item to other related items
  • Ability to define an export configuration to specify what fields of what RESPONSUM sub-modules you want to export and in what format (DOCX/XLSX) (Full functionality will be made available in next releases)
  • Rich text editing is re-enabled on specific fields where this was possible in 2.0
  • Measures and organizational units can now be customized by use of Draf and Drop. It allows you to order and move between topics the various measures and/or org units.

Feel free to explore this new version of RESPONSUM and let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we work together to make it even better!

If you have any questions related to this release or want additional info on some new features, feel free to reach out to support@responsum.eu. We will be happy to provide you more info! 🙂


Updated on June 5, 2024

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