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Release Notes v 1.7.0


  • Additional Public API’s are made available to interact with:
      • Incidents & Data Breaches
      • Legal Templates
      • Policies & Procedures
      • Data Subject Rights
    • Alignment of Share for Feedback approach over all sub-modules of RESPONSUM
    • More clear error messages shown when trying to delete items that other items still reference to.
    • Rounded status buttons shown in the UI on items of that specific Sub-module

Assessments (Self Scan)

  • Security Maturity Scan is made available with NIST Scoring


  • Awareness – Phishing: Added Department(s) and Group(s) columns to the overview shown and the ability to filter on the overview page using the Multi-filter as commonly found in other RESPONSUM Sub-modules.

Privacy Management

  • Records of Processing Activities:
    • A Tab is added to define and store Technical and Organisational measures (or TOM’s) taken specifically for the processing activity in question. These measures can be created new or measures that were already defined earlier can be re-used.
    • Additional conditional fields are added linked to the legal basis selected to allow to better show the link between a legal basis and other items within other sub-modules of RESPONSUM.
    • Ability to add Custom Fields to the ROPA to extend the default ROPA fields of RESPONSUM with your own custom fields required for your company. Custom fields are free text fields and can be set specific for each Processing activity. The Bulk Import of the ROPA also allows import of these Custom fields by placing them at the end of the ROPA import file that can be downloaded from within RESPONSUM.
  • Data Protection by Design:
    • DPIA:
      • Pre-DPIA white or blacklist behaviour is enhanced so that when a white or blacklist activity is selected a DPIA is by default required or not required without the need to fill out the further Pre-DPIA Questions.


  • User Management:
    • When user is archived, details of the user (Notifications, Tasks, Deadlines and Accountabilities and rules (when a custom user)) can be transferred over to another user known within RESPONSUM.
Updated on July 23, 2021

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