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Release Notes v 1.6.0


  • Each item in RESPONSUM now has a “View only” page that you can use to get a quick overview of the item content (Instead of seeing the “Edit” view)
  • Functionality of the breadcrumbs to navigate through RESPONSUM was aligned and improved
  • A user that is accountable for reviewing a certain item can now easily initiate the review on the item itself instead of only from the notification he receives. This by clicking the arrow next to the “edit” button and selecting “Review”.
  • More uniform error handling that also reports back to the support team. This will allow the support team to better assist you in case of errors you might receive in the application.
  • Ability to withdraw a request for feedback as long as the item was not submitted for final approval.
  • The main navigation bar now stores its state and always stays visible if you locked it on screen even if you refresh your page.
  • Including also other general stability and UI improvements

Employee Portal

A new way to interact with your employees is our employee portal. This portal will get more functionality over time, but from release 1.6.0 it will have the following features:

  • Employees will from now on authenticate via the RESPONSUM app (responsum.app) itself and follow E-learnings they are enrolled in directly in the RESPONSUM app.
  • The portal access can be activated for each employee individually or in bulk.
  • Just like a user, an employee can now also become a “Process Champion” allowing him to define and edit processes for the departments he is “Accountable” for.
  • Each user will by default also have the employee role. Allowing any user to follow E-learnings as well and quickly switch between the User and Employee portals.
  • New Data Management E-learnings and Quizzes available
  • No more use of Credits to enroll employees or do Phishing campaigns, one fee per employee per month.


Task management was updated and remodelled to include a few new features:

  • Overview of most recent created and assigned tasks is now shown on the homepage.
  • When viewing all tasks, you get an overview based on the status of the task (Ongoing and Done) and you have the ability to filter based on a task type (Tasks I created and Tasks assigned to me) and sort on any of the columns.
  • You can now link one or more “Related items” to a task. This can be a processing activity, DPIA, incident etc.
  • Tasks are automatically created for accountable persons that have pending reviews and based on the review intervals set on items within RESPONSUM

Privacy Management

  • DPIA now has the option to request another user’s feedback before submitting it for review.
  • Mark questions in the ROPA (with a comment) that you don’t have the answer for to allow other users to fill out these fields and help out.
  • General performance improvements to the Legitimate Interest assessment (Balancing test)

My Organization

  • Bulk import of Data Dictionary items (Data Attributes, Objects and Subject Types) in RESPONSUM is now possible through an Excel file import.
Updated on July 23, 2021

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