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Release Notes v 1.5.0


  • App wide collaboration feature:
    • Allows any user to directly contact another User, Employee or someone who does not have access to RESPONSUM for support at a certain task.
    • More information can be found in our Help Center
  • App Help Center:
    • Help icon available on every page that leads you directly to the RESPONSUM Help Center pages.
  • General Improvements and bug fixes
  • Public API’s for interacting with “My Organisation”:
  • Notification center improvements:
    • Interface enhancements and the option to choose how you want to receive notifications)
  • Transfer notifications, Appointed tasks etc. when user is archived


  • Favorites section UI improvements
  • Useful links section UI improvements


  • User Editable “Overview” page (Using widget like interface for KPI’s)

Security Management

  • Stakeholder Management:
    • Involvement overview:
      • View to see where a stakeholder is used throughout RESPONSUM.
    • Agreements:
      • Link one or more agreements (DPA, Contract…) to a stakeholder (Including version management)
    • Vendor assessments:
      • Keep track of Vendor Assessment files you received back from a stakeholder. Use the RESPONSUM template to get started conducting vendor assessments on your stakeholders.

Privacy Management

  • General ROPA Content improvements:
    • Adding additionally customer requested fields like a “Notes” tab for additional information.
  • ROPA export improvements:
    • Export of Single Processing activity or the full ROPA. Export now also available in all system supported languages.
  • General DPIA Improvements (UI and functionality)

My Organization

  • Infrastructure Management:
    • Adding of related items (Suppliers, Manufacturers and IT integrators) directly when creating an IM System


  • General improvements to the interface to manage Phishing campaigns:
    • Filter on Languages for Scenario’s, Landingpages and Trainingpages;
    • Results of a launched phishing campaign are directly synced with RESPONSUM;
    • Results for each user are now also available when you click through on the Campaign details;
    • SMS-phishing flow has been improved.


  • Employee upload extended functionality:
    • Re-use the same upload template/functionality to update employee information, Archive them or add new employees.
Updated on July 23, 2021

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