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Release Notes v 1.34.0

11 April 2024

Greetings to our valued users! We are thrilled to present the latest update, version 1.34.0, packed with improvements, and fixes to enhance your experience.

As stated in earlier release notes, we are excited to announce that we have been working hard on a new version of the RESPONSUM app that will allow for more flexibility, a new UI and overal some new exciting features! The version is currently still in closed beta, but as we are closing in on the full release date, from this version on we will be including updates to the current version and the upcoming (3.0) version for beta users.

New features and enhancements

Current (2.0) version

General Improvements

  • Stability improvements and alignments over sub-modules.

New (Closed beta 3.0) version

  • General improvements related to stability and UI
  • Security – Measures now available,
    • The “Measures” sub-module will contain previous clauses, controls and Measures
  • Custom fields are now imported from 2.0,
  • Fixed that URL would still allow you to go to the edit page without having the correct permissions,
  • Performance improvements (on various fronts where the UI would hang while loading items),
  • Enforceable permissions,
    • Headers in menu now hidden when you as a user do not have permissions for that sub-module
  • Version history improvements and additions
  • Mitigations are now available in a first phase to replace “Measure implementations” from 2.0.
    • They will link to earlier mentioned “Measures”

Feel free to explore RESPONSUM v 1.34.0 and let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we work together to make it even better!


Updated on April 10, 2024

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