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Release Notes v 1.23.0

24 October 2023

In a move that aligns perfectly with customer feedback and requests, we’re delighted to announce a significant Vue UI update to RESPONSUM, bringing an array of new features and improvements aimed at enhancing user experience, boosting productivity, and streamlining key aspects of user management, awareness, risk management, and more. This release brings not only functionality but also visual improvements to make the user interface even more user-friendly. 🤩

New features and enhancements

User Management Enhancements

  • Users now have “View” Permissions on Risk Dictionary: This was was occasionally perceived as an issue when providing tasks to normal users that were related to a risk in the dictionary. The user could not open the risk referenced in the task. A normal user can therefore now be appointed “View” rights to the risk dictionary.
  • Bulk Action for Mail Notifications: Managing user notifications is now more convenient than ever with the new bulk action feature, allowing administrators to activate mail notifications for one or more users at once.

Awareness Improvements

  • Flexible Deadlines: Now, instead of specifying a fixed date for course completion, you can set a deadline in days, weeks, months or years. This feature gives more flexibility to administrators, making it easier to manage employee training schedules.
  • Course-Related Email Links: Employees will find it easier to access the courses they need to complete, as all course-related emails, including regular notifications and reminders, will now include direct links to the relevant courses.

General Enhancements

  • Multi-Language EULA: To accommodate a diverse user base, the End User License Agreement (EULA) is now translated into the language of the user, ensuring better clarity and understanding.
  • Improved Visuals: The user interface has undergone visual improvements, making it easier for users to understand and interact with the platform. Placeholder values in fields are now clearer and more user-friendly.

Measures and DSRR Updates

  • Description Field for Measures: A new description field has been added to measure implementations, allowing the user to describe more specifics related to a measure being implemented in a specific location (Ex. for a risk or as a TOM to a processing activity)
  • Data Subject Rights Enhancements: The Data Subject Rights (DSRR) section now allows for users to add custom fields, enhancing the ability to manage data subject rights efficiently.

Risk Register Improvements

  • Flexible Risk Identifier: Users now have the ability to either set a risk identifier or have one created automatically if none is specified, streamlining the risk registration process and making risk identification easier.
  • Custom Fields for Risk Register: The risk register can now accommodate custom fields, allowing organizations to tailor risk management to their unique needs.
  • Enhanced Risk Review Visibility: Users can now see the “review” status of a risk directly from within the item alongside the status shown on the overview page already. This streamlined approach simplifies the risk management process.
  • Risk Score Display: The numerical risk “score” is now visible next to the textual risk “level”, providing users with a quick reference to the risk’s severity and making the link to Risk strategy more clear.

Risk Strategy Matrix

  • Improved Risk Matrix: The risk strategy matrix has been updated for better visualization, with references to associated risks, their level and their residual risk levels. This enhancement, marked as “2.0”, offers a more intuitive approach to risk strategy planning.

XLSX Export for Risk Register

  • Export Capabilities: Users can now easily export the entire risk register in XLSX format, facilitating data analysis and reporting.

This update is a testament to our commitment to delivering a platform that meets the evolving needs of our users. As we continue to work closely with our user community to address their specific needs, we look forward to receiving feedback on this update and using it to shape the future of our platform. Thank you for your ongoing support, and we hope you find these changes valuable in your day-to-day operations.

Feel free to explore RESPONSUM v 1.23.0 and let us know your thoughts and suggestions as we work together to make it even better!

Updated on October 24, 2023

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