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Release Notes v 1.15.0


Full re-design of the error and success messages throughout RESPONSUM. Error messages will now provide the user with more meaningful actions to take in regard to the error message shown. They also have received a new, less intrusive design in the UI.

Improvements have been made to increase (overview) page load times. Sorting on table headers will also have improved performance.

Items in RESPONSUM that can be Archived (Like processing activities, legal obligations etc.) now have an additional filter on the overview table to select what items to show (archived, active…). Archived items also have an improved look and feel when shown in the overview table.

Improvements have been made to the way RESPONSUM deletes items that are linked to one or more other items. Such items are now easier to delete by RESPONSUM users.

Multi-tenancy: When you have multiple environments available, the environments listed in your environment selection list will now be ordered alphabetically. An indicator is also added to indicate in which environment you are active currently.

When clicking the label of a question, a dropdown is no longer opened, but if a dropdown is open, it will close instead.

Privacy Management


ODT and PDF exports of the register now also include the custom fields added to the processing activity in RESPONSUM.

Data Subject Rights

An import function is now available for Data Subject Right Requests to be imported using an Excel template provided by RESPONSUM. The upload functionality will be added to the Data Subject Rights overview page.

Security Management


A dashboard is now available for tracking ISMS KPI’s. It can be found under the Dashboards section of RESPONSUM.


Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures can now be uploaded in bulk. Each policy/procedure file uploaded will create a new policy/procedure based on the filename in RESPONSUM.

Users now have the option to download the latest version of the policy/procedure directly from the overview page.

Stakeholder Management


An import function is now available for Stakeholders to be imported using an Excel template provided by RESPONSUM. The upload functionality will be added to the Stakeholders overview page.


Agreements can now be uploaded in bulk. Each agreement file uploaded will create a new agreement based on the filename within RESPONSUM under a certain Stakeholder.

My Organization

Information Management Systems (IMS)

IMS has been re-designed from the ground up to make it more user friendly and easy to use. You will notice that the three different “types” (hardware, Software & IT (Cloud) Service) of IM systems now have been merged into one new central overview. The entire sub-module has also received a make-over when it comes to the design.


User management

Updates have been made to User Management to make it more intuitive to use. A few changes include: Less fields are required when adding a new user, Multiple user roles can be selected at once, alignment of the placeholders etc. 

Improvements have been made to decrease the time it takes to save changes to a users’ permissions.

Fixed an issue where disabling permissions for a person that is accountable was possible. Now permissions to sub-modules where a certain user is accountable for cannot be disabled as long as the user accountability is enabled. 

AD Sync

Additional filter parameter to filter on AD Groups has been added

Updated on September 8, 2022

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