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Release Notes v 1.14.0


Downloads of files will now be available after the user receives a notification. This means that for larger downloads you don’t have to wait on the page anymore and can continue working while RESPONSUM prepares the download. (Asynchronous downloads);

Filters on Departments & Offices have been re-enabled on all sub-modules of RESPONSUM to filter on these entries;

Improvements to the Measure Dictionary: A measure can now have multiple “Implementations” linked to it. So the general measure can be applied in different ways on different systems with a different deadline. From within ROPA, DPIA & TIA this new implementation structure will be available for use.



Ability to duplicate scenario’s, landing pages and training pages;

Ability to duplicate entire phishing campaign to send to other targets.

Privacy Management


Ability to set a controller in case you are the processor for a specific processing activity. You can link to a stakeholder defined in RESPONSUM;

Addition of a free text field in the general details tab to provide more information related to the selected legal basis;

Register import has been improved and new fields have been added (Keep in mind, import template from RESPONSUM has changed).

Incidents & Breach Management

Import function for incidents & Breaches: Use our Excel template to map your information to and bulk upload your incidents & Breaches to RESPONSUM;

Summary page to allow the user to write up a summary of the incident or breach. Available for both Incident or Data Breach.


The project selection has been replaced by a “Linked items” approach. This means that instead of only being able to link the DPIA to a project, you can now also directly link to one or more processing activities, incident & Breaches, data subject right requests etc.

Security Management


Fully re-vamped ISMS with more flexibility and changes to the general Security sub-modules of RESPONSUM. Controls and clauses can also have “Custom fields” like a Processing activity. The following sub-modules will be added/updated:

My organisation – Standards & Frameworks: General module to house and manage the Standards and Frameworks a customer wants to use within RESPONSUM;

Security Framework – ISMS: Management of all Topics, Main clauses and sub-clauses defined (and linked to) in one or more Standard or Framework;

Security Framework – Controls: Management of all Topics, Main controls and sub-controls within RESPONSUM linked to a Standard or Framework;

Security Framework – Asset Register: Reference table to act as table in between an item within RESPONSUM and one or more controls.

Stakeholder Management

General Improvements to the way stakeholder management functions;

Improvements to the way Agreements and Assessments are linked to the stakeholder. 

My organisation

For an office, you can now select a country from a dropdown list instead of having to type the country manually.


AD sync for User creation in RESPONSUM now has increased functionality. You can select an interval to sync automatically and have more control over what users are imported to RESPONSUM and what field of AD maps to what field of a RESPONSUM user;

Multi-filter for the employee groups overview page and improvements to the information provided when an employee group is opened from within Configuration

Updated on July 20, 2022

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