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Release Notes v 1.12.0


  • Overall improvements to the functionality and working of the RESPONSUM application.
  • A new design language has been created for the RESPONSUM UI, creating a more intuitive and more attractive environment for users and employees to work in.
  • New user roles and redesign of appointment of permissions and accountability. You will now have more granular control to provide to users within RESPONSUM:
    • The Power User who can have permissions and be accountable for certain aspect, access can be blocked of based on appointed offices and departments;
    • The User who has limited access and can support power users by providing or drafting certain items in RESPONSUM, access can be blocked of based on appointed offices and departments;
    • The administrator who can manage the configuration of RESPONSUM (User management etc.);
    • The Employee who can be a target of a phishing campaign or can be appointed to follow certain E-learnings. You can block of certain access or access to specific items based on Departments and offices set on the User. 
  • Relocation of sub-modules to make it easier to navigate through RESPONSUM and find what you are looking for where you most expect it.


  • Assessment builder: The currently available “Vendor assessments” have been extended in functionality to be able to support all kinds of “questionnaires” to request information from both users and employees within the organization (with RESPONSUM account) or of people outside of your organization or without access to RESPONSUM. You can create assessments within RESPONSUM and share them to the people you need the information from.
Updated on March 4, 2022

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