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Release Notes v 1.11.1

In this intermediate release the focus is on improving and partially replacing the features RESPONSUM offers to improve collaboration between teams and users of RESPONSUM.

These collaboration features consist of:

  • A new and improved task management as tasks will play a central role to collaborate and delegate actions on certain items within RESPONSUM;
  • Ability to send reminders for tasks and easily duplicate tasks;
  • Ability to leave comments, tag users in these comments and more easily complete a task that is appointed to you;
  • Pop-out menu’s on items within RESPONSUM sub-modules to easily track and manage items and tasks linked to that item
    • Pop-outs for tasks and linked items available for:
      • ROPA 
      • Advices 
      • Data Subject Rights
      • Legal Management (Legal Obligation, Legitimate interest) 
      • Data Protection by Design (Projects (ToE), Data protection principle check, DPIA and Data Protection by Design Assessment) 
      • New Security Modules 
      • Stakeholder Management 
      • Incident & Breach management
      • Risk Management (Risk Register) 
      • Policies & Procedures 
      • Legal templates 
      • Process Management 
      • Infrastructure Management (Hardware, Software and IT cloud services) 
      • Data Dictionary (Attributes, Objects & Data Subject Types) 
      • Data Classification 
      • Measure Dictionary

Further General improvements:

  • Fixes and improvements to the UI and functioning of RESPONSUM;
  • The step in a sub-module is reminded when navigating from the view to the edit page or vice versa;
  • Improved flow to upload images for Awareness phishing campaign Scenario’s, landingpages and trainingpages.
Updated on March 4, 2022

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