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Release Notes v 1.10.0


  • Intelligent importer that allows to add, update and delete items via a file upload applied to: 
    • Infrastructure Management
    • Users (User Management)
    • Data Attributes
    • Data Objects
    • Data Subject Types
  • Alignment and bundling of action buttons throughout RESPONSUM (Next, Back, Save, Request feedback, Edit…)
  • Task Management has an improved overview with the ability to filter. A permission is now available to view all tasks appointed throughout RESPONSUM
  • Notification button number now dynamically updates without the need to refresh the page
  • All modules now have the option to view the details of an item by clicking that item on the overview page (view page)
  • You now have the ability to delete files that were uploaded to RESPONSUM earlier (Ex. Data Subject right request documentation, ToE documentation etc.)
  • Selection fields throughout RESPONSUM can be set back to a default (Empty/Not Set) value after selecting a (wrong) value first. 
  • Improved and re-designed User Menu in the top right corner that consolidates the buttons that were otherwise shown in the top bar or RESPONSUM
  • Multi filter will now re-apply after navigating away or refreshing the page


  • Dashboards related to the risk management modules now available


  • General
    • Filters to filter on topics of an assessment in the results overview are now available
  • Privacy Maturity Check
    • Suggestions are now provided to the user based on the answers provided on the assessment

Privacy Management

  • ROPA
    • Involved department(s) field now always available to define departments that are involved in the personal data processing
    • Processing Activities can be duplicated
    • Country field added to Disclosure tab to allow countries to be defined that data is transferred to from the processing activity
    • Improved review for the ROPA with the ability to accept all fields at once and add comments for each field accepted or rejected
  • Legal Advice
    • Remodeled and ability added to define the advice request and advice answer in RESPONSUM directly instead of uploading the advice as a separate document
    • Legal Advice files can be uploaded in bulk after which for each file an item will be created in RESPONSUM with the file linked.
  • Data Subject Rights Management
    • Option to reference a specific Support ticket related to the data subject right request
  • Legal Management
    • Ability to mark Legal Obligation and Legitimate interest balancing tests as Obsolete when they are no longer linked to a processing activity. Automatic marking of item as obsolete when processing activity linked changes to another legal basis.
    • Ability to duplicate Legitimate Interest Management and Legal obligation management items
  • Data Protection by Design
    • A PDF and ODT export of this assessment is now available
    • DPIA
      • Redesigned overview to add risks and their risk treatment


  • Phishing
    • Images can now be uploaded in the HTML editor directly. No longer is an external link to a file the only option to embed an image in the HTML editor.
    • The option to set a period of time over which phishing emails will be send out to the specified targets (Launch date and end date)
    • Phishing campaign tests now show the results of this test to the user (Opened email, clicked link and/or submitted data)
    • Flow to start phishing campaign is improved
  • Learning
    • Enrollment overview is now available and allows the user to get a view on all employees enrolled with details like Date enrolled, Course Completed etc. and also the ability to Unenroll employees when they no longer need access.
    • A Completion deadline can be set for a course upon enrolling an employee. This deadline is shown in the enrollment overview and provided as notifications to the employees (One the month before, one a week before the deadline date and one on the deadline day)
    • Users can now add own courses to RESPONSUM in SCORM format or PDF format for which employees can then be enrolled.

Security Management

  • Stakeholder Management/Vendor Assessment:
    • Ability to link a vendor assessment to one or more defined IM Systems it relates to.
    • For review of a vendor assessment submission, the reviewer can now set a conclusion and/or recommendation
  • Statement of Applicability (ISMS)
    • Reference from a control to a policy or procedure is now possible

Risk Management

  • Risk Strategy:
    • Additional details can be added to the impact levels in RESPONSUM. A column can be added to house information to describe the impact level (Ex. Reputational damages, Outage of systems etc.)
  • Risk Register/Risk Treatment Plan
    • Sortable columns and improved overviews
    • Risk source options extended with Data Attributes, Data Objects, Data Subject Types and Stakeholders (Can be linked to a risk now)
    • Ability to define your own “Risk Handling methods” for a risk in the Risk Treatment Plan


  • Incident & Breach Management
    • Updated flow to select Data, IM Systems and data subjects for an incident or Data Breach
  • Cookie consent Management
    • New module that allows you to use the RESPONSUM Cookie solution on your website and capture the cookie consent within RESPONSUM

My Organization

  • Measure Dictionary: New module to centralize all measures (Technical and Organizational) that can be taken to mitigate risks stated in the Risk Register or DPIA Modules.
  • Duplicates can be made of Data Attributes, Data Objects and Data Subject Types


  • Employee Management
    • Employee portal access can be de-activated again

Updated on October 19, 2021

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