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Release Notes v 1.8.0


  • SSO and revamped Identity.responsum.app login portal (Central login)
  • Ability to reference files on external locations next to uploading them in RESPONSUM
  • Refactors of Feedback endpoints and Nested Delete

General UI/UX improvements 

  • Back and next buttons alignment
  • Combining of action buttons in more logical clusters
  • Improvements of Modals

Security Management

  • Risk Register (With all additional improvements applied)
  • Risk Strategy (With improvement for Impact Rescaling for DPIA applied)
  • Risk Treatment Plan (With all additional improvements applied)
  • ISMS V2: new and improved with a more general approach
  • Vendor assessment V2: Vendor Assessment Portal + Creation of custom vendor assessment questionnaires in RESPONSUM.
Updated on September 14, 2021

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