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Release Notes v 1.18.0

08 May 2023

Springtime brings RESPONSUM’s new release,
a fresh upgrade that will surely please. 🌷

In this article, you’ll be able to find a list of some of our most impactful new features and enhancements that we come out in v 1.18.0. Let’s get right to it! 🚀


Personalized email communications

Every email that is sent from RESPONSUM will be more personalized. Not only the branding of your company is visible, including your logo but also a reference to the environment in case you have access to multiple tenants.

Bulk actions

Bulk actions on items have been adjusted and extended in functionality. You can now in bulk update states of items on most items that have a status present. The download button on an item has also been added under the bulk actions. That means one less button on the overview page.

Extended filter options

We are very excited to introduce a new and improved filter system to you. 🥳 You are now able to add multiple filters in an AND configuration. In addition, RESPONSUM will memorize these filters even when you leave the page. This means that if you open/edit an item and go back to the overview page, the list will still only show items that meet the search criteria.

Additionally, RESPONSUM will also remember your table pagination settings from now on.

Public API endpoints for IM Systems

Public API endpoints for Information Management Systems are now available. This means you can make an integration between RESPONSUM’s IM system module and your own application!

Privacy Management



We understand that GDPR terminology can be confusing, so we’ve added helpful tooltips throughout the register to make it easy for non-privacy experts to navigate.

Disclosure tab

The RoPa disclosure tab has undergone a transformation. Controllers, Processors, Recipients, and Third Parties are all visible in one overview from now on.

Import/export templates

We would like to present to you: the RoPa import template with a new look. To have a better overview, we divided different aspects of the RoPa into different sheets. In addition, the import template is now aligned with the export Excel file to make a re-import of a download easier.

‘Category’ of progressing activity added

A category for the processing activity can now be set for a processing activity. Examples for categorizing your processing activities for HR: selection & recruitment, payroll administration, onboarding,… This can be helpful if you want to filter on these categories.

Set multiple legislations within retention period

Within the retention period tab you can now set multiple legislations.

Incident & Breach management

Export of your incidents

A bulk export of your incidents and breaches can now be made within your module via the bulk action button.

Additional fields added

New additional fields within your incident and breach management module are now available:

  • Owner type & owner
  • Status (cancelled, in progress, new, on hold and resolved)
  • Date of incident


The Project’s sub-module has been remodeled with a new UI and expanded with new fields:

  • Start date & end date
  • Owner
  • Offices & Departments
  • Linked items,…

User management

We’ve updated our active directory sync to support departments. You will be able to link departments to users and these departments will be automatically added to ‘Departments’ within the ‘My Organization’ module.

Updated on July 4, 2023

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