How to: add new Policies and Procedures

How To
  1. Go Governance > Policies and Procedures.
  2. Click ‘Add new Policies/Procedures’.

Add new policy or procedure

  1. Provide the policy/procedure name by filling out the ‘Name’ field.
  2. Select the type from the list.
  3. Create a review interval by entering a review interval number and selecting a review interval period (day/week/month/ day(s)/week(s)/month(s)).
  4. Provide a description into the ‘Description’ field.
  5. Select the applicable departments, from the ‘Applicable departments’ list.
  6. Select the user who created the procedure/policy  from the ‘Initial creator ’ list. 


  1. Select the Creation date, by selecting a date in the box.
  2. Provide a description  into the ‘Description’ field.
  3. Provide the Changes against previous version  in the free text field.
  4. Provide the original storage location .
  5. If relevant, share for feedback  by selecting a user from the list.
  6. Upload the file into RESPONSUM by clicking on browse file or dropping the file into the field.
  7. Click ‘Done’.
Updated on March 19, 2021

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