How to: add a new advice

How To
  1. Go Governance > Advices.
  2. Click ‘+ add advice’.
  1. Provide the advice a title by filling out the ‘Advice title’ field.
  2. Enter the advice date, by selecting a date in the box or by typing one.
  3. Select a submodule from the drop-down menu and a related item within that module.
  4. Select a status.
  5. Tick the box “Legal Professional Privilege enabled” if the access has to be limited to the creator of the advice and the users with accountability for the Advice Module.
  1. Describe the request and its purpose.
  2. Select the requestor type from the ‘Requestor type’ list and indicate a specific requestor.
  3. Describe the definitive advice.
  4. Enter a URL as reference.
  5. Upload a file by clicking on browse file or dropping the file into the field.
  6. Add some tags related to the topic.
  7. Scroll up and click ‘Save’.
Updated on October 27, 2022

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