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How to: use the learning module

You received a request to follow a course in the RESPONSUM employee portal? Great! This means your organization cares about Privacy and Security and wants you to understand some privacy and security principles. This article guides you through the Learning Module.

Starting a course

  1. Go Modules > Learning > My Courses
  2. Select the course you want to follow, by clicking on the course block (title or image)
  3. Read more information about the duration and the content of the course, before you start the course.
  4. Click ‘Start e-learning’
  5. The course will start in your current browser window.

Browsing the course library

  1. Go Modules > Learning > All Courses
  2. Available: your organization enrolled you in the course and the course is available in the “My Courses” category.
  3. Unavailable: your organization did not enrol you in the course.

Requesting access to an unavailable course

  1. Click on the “Request for help” button in the upper menu bar.
  2. In the “What do you need help with? “field, request the course(s) you would like to follow.
  3. Select the responsible within your organization from the “Who do you need help from?” list.
  4. Click “Request for help”.
  5. The responsible will receive your request and enroll you in the course(s) if the request is approved.
  6. The course will be available in “My Courses”.
Updated on April 14, 2021

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