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In which languages is RESPONSUM available?
RESPONSUM is available in English, Dutch and French.
Can I use RESPONSUM for multiple entities?
Yes, RESPONSUM offers multi-tenancy. This means you can manage different entities with one user account.
Are integrations possible?
Yes, go to the Developer’s HUB to know more.
Can I customize RESPONSUM?
RESPONSUM prioritizes ease-of-use and guidance based on recognized frameworks & methodologies over end-less customizations. However, custimization is possible via our Success Packs, so we can ensure the set-up is user-friendly and effective.
Can I create custom phishing simulations?
Yes no worries! The phishing module allows you to easily customize scenario’s, landing pages and trainingpages.
Can I upload my own e-Learning into RESPONSUM?
Yes, if you deliver a SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference) package, we will make it available in your RESPONSUM portal.
Does RESPONSUM transfer data outside the EEA?
RESPONSUM does by default not transfer or store any information within the RESPONSUM platform outside of the EEA. All resources running RESPONSUM are located in within the EEA.